Thursday, September 12, 2013

Entertainment for Toddlers

Does your toddler love to play with your tablet or phone?  Mine does. My 23 month old, Katie, asks me all the time to play with my phone. She loves to count, learn the alphabet, name animals, and so many other things.

But how do you stop your toddler from pressing other buttons that you don't want them to? There has been multiple occasions where Katie has called people. She has called Daddy, Grandma, and even my boss. Not good. lol

So I knew I had to find a way. I was looking through the applications on Google Play and I found Kids Place - Parental Control.

Kids Place is an application where you choose what applications your toddler can play. Plus the application is password protected. So no more unwanted calls made.

So check out Kids Place and let your toddler have fun.

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